CAMEL 1800W 6MONTH WARRANTY TOP QUALITY PAINT PUTTY TILE GLUE MIXER( C 1002)-CAMELTOOLS- Tile cutter,Sheep clipper,Sheep shearing machine,blower,tile saw,

  • 【Ergonomic Anti-slip Handles】 – Dual ergonomic handle on both sides covered with specially shaped material help to reduce fatigue so you can grape with comfort during long time operation, making the operation to be more stable than other tools.
  • 【Durable Premium Construction】 – Professional durable die cast aluminum body is impact resistant and is designed for industrial grade use. 1600W high power motor adopts high temperature resistant copper wire which has the ability to resist heat & cool down in a short time , electrical machinery winding ensures stable work and long service life.
  • 【Strong Power Provided】 – Concrete mixer with 1,600-Watt motor, 220/110V with Standard American /Britain /European plug ,plug, powerful enough to mix even the thickest of compounds. Helical blade easily mixes thick or viscous compounds.
  • 【Applications】 – Specially designed paddle for fast and effective mixing of mid viscous materials.Widely used for mixing feed, paint, cement, drywall mud, grout, mortar, plaster and many other industrial mixing operation. But it can’t mix too big & hard and strong viscous materials, such as concrete, strong viscous cement, strong viscous glue and other strong viscous materials.

CAMEL 1800W 6MONTH WARRANTY TOP QUALITY PAINT PUTTY TILE GLUE MIXER( C 1002)-CAMELTOOLS- Tile cutter,Sheep clipper,Sheep shearing machine,blower,tile saw,

Bill Of Material
Item Material hardness
Big Gear 40Cr 50
Small gear 20Crmt 57
Output shaft 40Cr 47
Gear box Aluminum
Carbon brush 839 USA import
Platen Powder metallurgy
Commutator Silver-copper alloy
Bearing uses CW bearings
Switch PA6 silver point
Housing PA6
Wire 220°high temperature line

CAMEL 1800W 6MONTH WARRANTY TOP QUALITY PAINT PUTTY TILE GLUE MIXER( C 1002)-CAMELTOOLS- Tile cutter,Sheep clipper,Sheep shearing machine,blower,tile saw,

Factory test date

1. Motor high temperature test: when overloaded with 2500 watts, the normal operating life: 600 hours. The equivalent Bosch is 680 hours. Other Chinese factories average 450 hours.

2. Survey on the average service life of the motor: users of professional paint shopping in China and India will use it for an average of 5 hours a day , and the normal working rate of the motor will be 96% after 2 years. If you are a tile user, because the load is low and the time is short, the normal working rate is 97% after 5 years.

3. Gear life test: Use the most expensive gears in the world. The probability of gear replacement in professional paint worker in 2 years is less than 5%. For tile users, the replacement rate is less than 1%.

4. Carbon brush: 839 carbon brush material imported from the United States. It is the carbon brush with the lowest loss rate to the motor at present. It was used by our company 15 years ago and extends the life of our premium motor commutators by 70%. So it is recommended that you use the original carbon brush, which is the lowest cost of use.

5. Commutator: silver-copper alloy, is the most expensive commutator in China. Same supplier as makita.

6. Plastic housing: Imported nylon material specially used for construction machinery is used, only five factories in China are using it, and the cost is 55% higher. A high-quality case doesn’t just protect the inside of the machine. The most important thing is that the friction and high temperature generated by the high-speed gear motor will not change the shape of the housing, so that the concentricity will decrease after a long time. This is the most critical aspect of product life.

7. Development time: 2 years. Market testing time: 1 year. Official launch date: 2015.

CAMEL 1800W 6MONTH WARRANTY TOP QUALITY PAINT PUTTY TILE GLUE MIXER( C 1002)-CAMELTOOLS- Tile cutter,Sheep clipper,Sheep shearing machine,blower,tile saw,

The above data is the test feedback of professional-grade tools, not applicable to DIY products. If it is a DIY user, we can choose to configure accessories such as medium quality.

CAMEL 1800W 6MONTH WARRANTY TOP QUALITY PAINT PUTTY TILE GLUE MIXER( C 1002)-CAMELTOOLS- Tile cutter,Sheep clipper,Sheep shearing machine,blower,tile saw,


Q1: What is the warranty of the machine?
For our powertools, we have a half-year warranty.

Q2: Can I choose a plug?
Yes, we have EU, US, Australia, UK plugs for your country

Q3. How long will your delivery time be after I pay?
Usually, we have machines in stock, which are only customized for plugs, about 1 or 3 days.

Q4: How long can I receive the machine after payment?
Our machines will be shipped to your port by sea. The goods will arrive in about 20~45 days.
Express delivery takes about 5-10 days.

Q5: Can I print my logo on the product?
Yes, OEM moq is 500pcs. please formally notify us before we produce and first confirm the design for mass production.

Q6: This is my first time buying goods from China, what should I do?
Don’t worry, Chinese companies have many years of export experience to all over the world.
We also have a professional sales team, and we also have agents in india,Russia, Algeria, Pakistan, Peru, Vietnam and other places.

Q7: How to pack the machine?
We use thickened colour boxes to pack machines to protect them. At the same time, the machine is fixed in the box and will not shake. Can resist more than 10 transfers.

Q8. I do not speak Chinese. Is the operation panel in English or Spanish or other?
Yes, all our machines have Chinese and English, if you only want English or Spanish or other,
We can also customize it for you, but the delivery time will be a bit longer.

Q9 Can we get the sample to check quality?

Yes.We will arrange samples to you in 3-5 days after costs be paid.

I believe what you see next is the most bizarre company introduction. What you found is one of the most paranoid tool factories in China. We were established in 1991 in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province, China. If you are a European and American company, you may not like us. Because ours doesn’t have the advantage of gorgeous packaging on the outside, and the salesman’s English is not good either. But I believe that when you read all our introductions, you will have your own decision.

Our advantages are only three: cost-effective, quality, responsible for customers.


We spend our limited funds on: 1. Technology research and development 2. Equipment investment 3. Large-scale procurement of raw materials and advance payment from suppliers.

We don’t go to exhibitions, we don’t have luxurious sample rooms, we don’t have beautiful samples, and even the video is shot by the salesperson with his cell phone. The boss said to save the money and lower the price. And our customers are accumulated through the introduction of different friends over the past 30 years. In particular, I would like to thank the purchasing center of Bosch in China, who introduced many high-quality high-end customers, so that our orders have been saturated.


1 Technical ability:

Our boss does not have an independent office, his office is in the technical department. The owner’s father was the first power tool engineer 40 years ago. In the 1990s, the company established a company to produce motors. Under the influence of my father, our boss is now a well-known person in China’s power tool technology industry. In our company, technicians are the richest, they come from makita company and the largest power tool factory in China.

Power tools do not rely on good materials to produce high-quality products, but rely on various motor data and mechanical data to cooperate with each other. Therefore, the experience of engineers and data research and development are key links, and what we have is Makita’s quality technology.

2 Parts production and quality control: The head office you see only has a construction area of ​​20,000 square meters. We adopt the most simple and effective management method. We have acquired parts factories that have cooperated for more than 20 years, thus greatly reducing the cost. So we now have 9 branches responsible for different products, tile cutting machines, lithium power tools, hand tools, aluminum die casting, finishing, plastic injection, batteries, gears, switches, etc. The head office is responsible for all capital and quality control, and the branch is responsible for daily management and technology research and development. The total investment has reached 100 million yuan.

3 Assembly: We are the first factory in China to develop assembly line fixtures (except Makita). This semi-automatic unmanned assembly mode can effectively avoid assembly quality problems caused by human experience. At the same time, we are one of the earliest factories in China to purchase automatic motor testing equipment and use semi-automatic assembly.

Responsible to customers:

Our foreign trade salesmen are all 15-year-experienced employees trained by the company. Their English is poor, but they are very loyal to the company and customers, and they understand products and technologies very well, and can solve your after-sales problems. Our slogan has always been: product is the best salesman. Only with good product quality is the best responsibility to customers.